Grace, fluency and athletic potential of any movement is the product of structure and design of the body,
combined with the will of the mind.
Sara Wyche


beth shaw human quads

ETT™ helps correct movement and function of muscle fibres. The fluency of the quadriceps and hamstrings are vital for an Athlete to operate to full potential.

Human athletes often have deep seated lesions in the Quadriceps/ Hamstrings due to old bruising or tears. This may predispose an Athlete to knee injuries.

ETT™ is also beneficial to the Athlete after knee surgery.


Groin / Lower Back

beth shaw knee

Have you seen a football player loose his graceful movement? The correct function of the Psoas group is essential for top athletic performance. The Athlete loses his dynamic movement when the Psoas group is compromised through injury or lesions.

ETT™ can reach these deep seated muscles and bring the Athlete’s muscle back on line to full potential.


Shoulder yellow nerves (2)

The shoulders are home to the Brachial Plexus. When the muscles in the shoulder become restricted or overused more pressure will be placed on the Brachial Plexus causing nerve pain throughout the shoulders, arm and neck.

ETT™ produces rhythmic, electrical impulses to improve elasticity and tone throughout the shoulder. This improves range of motion and full athletic potential can be met.


ETT™ - A technique of re-establishing correct muscle movement and function.

 The trained ETT™ Practitioner assesses the Tetonic* state of the muscle function under contraction.

The ETT™ Practitioner adjusts the Transeva’s dynamic current to bring the Athlete’s muscle back on-line and to optimum performance.

When the Athlete’s muscle is on-line there is less stress on tendons, ligaments and joints.


Butch James
Rugby World Cup Winner, 2007

I was at a frustrating point during my rehab of my ACL reconstruction, I was putting in many hours of strength training trying to get my quad big and strong to support my knee, but it just wasn't reacting. I was always keen to try anything to maybe get me back onto the field.

I went to try the Transeva Technique, it was almost instant as soon as the machine was turned on. My muscles had been a sleep for a few months but the Transeva certainly woke them up, from that day on my muscles went from strength to strength.

I got back onto the field and after having 4 ACL reconstructions managed to win a Rugby World Cup, and i still say it was all because of that one day i went to see the horse Physio.

Kim Snyder
Founder Sync2CRM

bethshaw kim snyder

The day before an international test match against the South African Women's polo team, I had an "unplanned dismount" from my horse in practice. I pulled my groin muscle so bad I could barely walk, much less play the next day.

Fortunately for me, Beth Shaw was one of the South African players. She used her Equine Transeva Technique on my leg, hip and back twice that day and evening.

To my utter amazement, by mid-day the following day, I had barely a twinge of pain. Two days later it was as if it never happened.

I have an extremely high pain tolerance and I can play through almost anything. But I know I could not have played that day were it not for Beth and her amazing treatment. The proof was in the pudding for me. Absolutely amazing!

Andre Fox
Rugby Player, CEO Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture

bethshaw andre fox

I would just like to thank you for the help you have given me over the years with the W.G Transeva, machine. Throughout my rugby career (12 years) I suffered injuries to different body parts. I have been fortunate to keep away from any major operations, however ligament damage in ankle and knees and serious strains or bumps have been common practice due to the nature of the sport. I was introduced to the W.G. Transeva from early on in my career due to my first ankle injury. This injury threatened my career but it was thanks to the W.G. Transeva that I could heal and get back onto the field of play. I witnessed the same result with many other team mates and friends that indulge in contact sports.

As a result I have always insisted on this treatment as part of my rehab on any major aches or pains. The latest being my motor bike accident. The results speak for themselves and I am delighted that you have taken the delivery of the treatment to the next level. Well Done.

Thank you for your help.

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