My overall goal is to maintain the gait and stride of the Equine Athlete, whilst the Equine undergoes training and conditioning during its racing career.
Beth Shaw, Parade Magazine 9/2014


beth shaw equine hamstrings

The Equine Athletes Hamstrings and Quadriceps are important muscles involved in the flexion and extension of the hind limb. Fluency of the Hamstrings and Quadriceps are vital to the well being of the Equine Athlete’s stifles and hocks.  The trained ETT™ Practitioner assesses the individual muscles of the Quadriceps and Hamstrings to improve performance.


beth shaw equine psoas group

The Psoas Group could possibly be the most important muscle group to the ridden horse (Sara Wyche, Muscles in Motion).

The Psoas group consists of the Psoas Minor, Psoas Major and Iliacus (Iliopsoas). The correct function of the Psoas group is vital to the Equine Athlete's well being and performance. ETT™ is one of the few mandalities that can reach the deep seated Psoas Group. Read more in Beth's Blog

beth shaw horse drawing


beth shaw equine shoulder

The function and well being of C7 -T1 is fundamental for a balanced Equine Athlete. This area is the hub of the Brachial Plexus, it’s also a focal area of the equine’s back muscles. All of this lies underneath the shoulder. Due to its design and the muscles involved, C7 –T1 is a “vulnerable area” in the Equine Athlete.  Whilst the Equine Athlete is in training they may be exposed to extreme  forces that compel the back and neck muscles to hyper extend the spine at  C7 – T1. The consequences of stress to this area can lead to many performance faults, including shortness of stride, stiffness in head and neck, and head shaking. ETT™ has the ability to reach this deep seated junction.  ETT™ produces rhythmic electrical impulses to improve elasticity and tone throughout the shoulder, neck and pectoral system.

ETT™ - A technique of re-establishing correct muscle movement and function.

The trained ETT™ Practitioner assesses the state of muscle tone under contraction. The ETT™ Practitioner adjusts the WG Transeva's dynamic current to bring the Athlete's muscle back on-line and to optimum performance. When the Athlete's muscle is on-line, there is less stress on tendons, ligaments and joints.

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