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Beth Shaw - Breaking new ground

The Sporting Post - click here to read.

HQ Magazine. Article "Back Problems in Horses": click here to read.

bethshaw articles

Parade Magazine. Article "Perfecting the Equine Athlete": click here to read.

ETT Article Parade_Page_1

YouTube: ETT™ Technique - Perfection the Equine Athlete

SportingPost. Article "Healing Hands: Beth Shaw and the BSET Academy"

THE WG TRANSEVA position in the modern world

Click here to open pdf.


Click here to open pdf.

ETT™ EXPLAINED: Professional athletes

Click here to open pdf.

Natal Witness. Article "Bowled over by a bursary:: click here to read.

Bowled over by a bursary

Sporting Post.  click here to read.

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